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Save your peace of mind and call SandTow – “Stuck in the sand, We can lend a hand”!

Service Areas: Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Shores, South Daytona, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna

About Sandtow

We are SandTow, Volusia counties approved Beach Auto Recovery Tow company. Our expertise is in helping beach goers that have gotten their vehicle stuck in the soft sand. With over 1000 recoveries in the last 6 years, Sandtow is the only Tow company in the beach that has County Approval, Tow truck insurance, The right equipment, Experience, and technique to safely rescue your vehicle without damage. If you drive a little car or a huge truck, Sandtow has the capability to safely get you back on the pavement and on your way. Having the confidence to know that a professional is recovering your vehicle substantially reducing the chance of damage. At Sandtow, we have passed background checks, drug tests and proof of insurance and equipment inspection to ensure the county we are doing the job as safely and competently as possible.
IMPORTANT: a volunteer with a big truck and a chain may show up to pull you out after they have enjoyed the beach and a 12 pack of beer, now they are ready to prove they cab Yank you right out! – We have seen too many bumpers pulled off, axles moved, windows shattered, frames bent, wheels broken, brakelines pinched, and ropes breaking causing all kinds of damage to vehicles and danger to by standers. It is not worth the risk to save $100 to have $1,500 in damage by an amateur.


Our pricing varies based on how stuck you are, if you have a simple tow point, how much digging we have to do, how far away you are from the exit ramp, if your vehicle is already in the surf and we have to enter the water to recover you, what time of day (There is an after hour surcharge). However, generally speaking we charge an average of $100.00
Keep in mind that we have to have tow truck insurance to be approved by the county. If someone else attempts to pull your vehicle from the sand and damages it… you will need to take legal action to receive any compensation. Volunteer and “Good Samaritans” DO NOT have the proper insurance to cover any damages to your vehicle.